Fingerpost Signs

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Fingerpost Signs

Fingerposts are quirky old-fashioned road signs. SVCS has restored two in the Spen Valley. But there may be others which are badly in need of some TLC. Spen Valley has other ancient road markers too, like milestones. We even had a foundry at Millbridge in Spen Valley producing thousands of metal milestones in the 19th Century, which you can see all over Yorkshire.

In 2005 SVCS members totally renovated the "finger" post at the top of Hightown Road (pictured top left). This road sign gives local distances in miles and fractions of a mile, and the post is cast iron. In 2017 we completed restoration of the fingerpost (pictured top right) and welcomed Jan Scrine from the Milestone Society who unveiled the revamped sign. Jan had just been awarded a BEM medal for her work with the Milestone Society

If you find a milestone or fingerpost sign in Spen Valley that needs repair, please get in touch with us!

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