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For a small Civic Society, Spen Valley has an impressive list of achievements. Most of the time we have one or more projects on the go: something we're doing on the ground/ making or commissioning in a physical sense. We've found this is an effective way to "make a difference", as well as lobbying others to make improvements.

As we're small and have little money, we have to apply for funding for all our work. The Society is a registered environmental body with a track record of successfully completing projects, which helps when applying for grants. Normally these cover only materials, not labour costs. We rely on members and supporters to volunteer their labour, and welcome all offers of help.

In the 1970s we started planting trees around Spen Valley, working with local landowners. The first were on the bank above Nibshaw Lane Gomersal. Those trees are now mature, making woodland habitat for wildlife and offsetting pollution from vehicles. In 1996 Ring Wood in Hunsworth Lane was created using 1500 trees planted in a circular arrangement. These trees are now a prominent feature of the landscape.

In the projects detailed below the Society has been able to produce excellent results for about a quarter of the commercial cost.

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