Our Aims

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Our Aims

Spen Valley's already a great place to work, live and relax: the Civic Society aims to help maintain its benefits and heritage and fight for improvements in its built-up areas and its green spaces. Our constitutional aims are

(i) To promote high standards of planning, architecture and environmental management in or affecting the Spen Valley,

(ii) To educate the public in the geography, history, natural history and architecture of Spen Valley,

(iii) To secure the protection, preservation, development, improvement, maintenance, repair or restoration of public parks and other public amenities, areas of environmental interest and nature conservation places of religious worship and buildings or sites of historic or architectural interest. This may include the reclamation, remediation and restoration of land which has a restricted use by reason of a previous and expired use of that land.

We work closely with the Council and other local organisations, in giving information and promoting Spen Valley. Examples are Spen Valley Historical Society and the Yorkshire Vernacular Buildings Study Group. We carry out practical projects ourselves and support others to do so. We're only a small group but proportionately we "punch above our weight" in terms of what we achieve.

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